Call-up policy

UpdatedThursday November 10, 2016 byLeague Administrator.

Northumberland Breakers Volleyball Club

Call Up Policy

Definition and Purpose:

At times it is desirable or necessary to call up athletes from a younger age group to play with an older age group. For example, a 15U team may only have 7 healthy athletes leaving it short a setter. A 14U setter may be given the opportunity to play up with the 15U team in a 15U tournament. This is beneficial to the team and the called up athlete because it provides development opportunities for both.

Terms of Reference:

  • Commitment to the age related team/coach takes precedence over need for call ups.
  • Call ups are optional – the athlete is under no obligation to accept.
  • Call ups will be treated the same as the age related athletes on that team. For example, all players will play relatively equally in pool play and the six best athletes will play in the playoffs. If the age related athlete and the call up possess equal abilities, preference will be given to the age related athlete. Assessment of ability will be at the coaches’ discretion.
  • Cost will be absorbed by the called up athlete.

This policy applies to established Breakers teams and OVA tournaments. It does not apply to the National Championships or extra tournaments; although it can be used as a guideline.